La solution ingénieuse pour sortir
accompagné.e.s par tous les temps

Clipsez votre bohmy à tous vos manteaux
& restez stylé.e.s même avec un porte-bébé !

You do not wish to remain home bound

and to have a monotonous life style.

You do not wish to sacrifice your look

Now that you have less time to pamper yourself.

You do not wish to give up your life’s little pleasures

Instead, you wish to live up your dreams and have an exciting and fulfilling family life.

We have the solution!
Bohmy coat extensions
are unisex and stylish, and fit all garments.
Furthermore, they keep baby protected all year long,
whatever the weather.

Laure bohmy

About us

Becoming a mum was a complete life changer.

How could I be there for my daughter, spend quality time with her, make her aware of the others and the environment, build up shared experiences, and still remain the woman I am?

How could I reconcile being a good mother, ensure safety and comfort to my baby, and still feel alive and have an exciting life?

It immediately clicked that Bohmy might be the answer. Bohmy would enable me to achieve a fulfilling life, to pursue my dreams and aspirations, whilst answering the needs of my baby and my family.

What is the cocoon?

The cocoon is a unisex extension which easily clips on all your favourite clothes, in order to keep baby safe and comfortable, in all weather conditions.

An ingenious and universal accessory

It clips on all garments, thanks to a gripper and magnet system which comes with a 2-year warranty.

It is compatbile with all types of baby carriers.

A choice of 3 cocoons is available:

  • the Autumn/Winter cocoon, which is waterproof and has an organic cotton fleece lining
  • the Spring/Summer cocoon, which is waterproof and has a light printed cotton poplin lining.
  • the Four Seasons cocoon, which combines both. The organic cotton fleece lining is removable, thanks to a press stud system.

Chic and stylish

It enables you to keep wearing your favourite coat and to remain stylish.

Our collection is regularly enriched with new lining fabrics, to give the cocoon character.

Novelty fabric:  black waterproof 440/460mm.

Eco-friendly and durable

Handmade in small batches, in order to avoid stock surplus

Handmade in France.

Only standart 100 OEXOTEX certified materials used.

Can be used from baby’s birth to first steps.

Delivered in 80% recycled and 100% recyclable packages. 

Safe and useful

Compact, foldable and easily transportable.

As baby’s weight is fully supported by the baby carrier, the cocoon is totally safe for baby.

It can be fastened and unfastened quickly and the grippers do not damage coats or leave any marks.

It is also possible to clip a dummy’s holder or to attach a teething ring.

The cocoon can be machine washed and naturally dried.

The Cocoons

Choose your cocoon and prints

Clip on your favourite coat

Go on an adventure family outing, in style!

The Autumn/Winter
The 4 seasons
The Spring/Summer
The lining

Because you do not wish to stop leading a full life
Because you do not wish to sacrifice your look
And, above all, because baby’s welfare is your priority
We have designed Bohmy for you



mummy to Oscar and Louis


Satisfaite à 100%

Très bon produit,
excellente qualité.
Je suis très satisfaite
de mon achat.


mummy to
Oscar and Louis

High Quality

Being a mum of boys very close in age can be physically quite challenging.

Bohmy allowed me to run around with Oscar, whatever the weather while keeping Louis snuggled comfortably against me. An absolute lifesaver!


maman de Victor


Pour commencer, le produit est très bien fini
et le tissu qualitatif.
En plus le Bohmy est super pratique, facile à mettre, à enlever du manteau de Monsieur ou Madame !
Enfin notre petit garçon y est bien au chaud et à l’abri du vent.

Je télécharge le guide gratuit pour partir à l'aventure en famille.

bouger avec bébé n'a jamais été aussi facile!

Le guide PDF pour continuer à vivre pleinement avec un bébé de 0 à 24 mois en 5 activités

guide activité pour la famille avec bébé porté

Satisfied or money back guarantee

Free returns for 30 days after purchase

Fast delivery

Express and reliable delivery

Secure payments

Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer or Paypal

Customer service

We are
here for you.

Made in France

from an eco-friendly design, in our workshops in the South West.

2-year guarantee

on clippers and magnets

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The universal and unisex coat extension

which easily clips on all your favourite garments, in order to carry baby safely and comfortably.

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