Le cocon 4 saisons print “liberty” vert édition limitée

Gabardine Imperméable 65% polyester et 35% coton certifié OEKOTEX Standart 100
100% cotton printed poplin lining (standard 100 OEKETEX certified)
Special removable ecru winter lining in 100% organic cotton fleece, GOTS certified.

A word from the designer:

Suite à la naissance de Suzanne en Avril 2020, j’ai imaginé un nouveau cocon plus léger pour s’adapter aux températures radoucies du printemps. J’ai simplement réadapté notre modèle originel en un modèle “4 saisons” en rendant la doublure amovible par un système de boutons-pression

On ne se lasse pas des imprimés “liberty” qui vont avec tous les manteaux !

The cocoon’s advantages:

Removable hood
Strip of natural serge for a dummy or teething ring attachment.
100% cotton fastening string at the top of the cocoon.
Bord côte pour s’adapter au gabarit
S’utilise de la naissance jusqu’à la marche active de l’enfant
Lavable en machine et séchage à l’air libre

The cocoon’s measurements:

One size
L = 68 cm with hood and 51 cm without. W = 43 cm


Within 2 to 5 days in metropolitan France. For all other destinations, please consult the colissimo delivery times.


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An ingenious and universal accessory

It clips on all garments, thanks to a gripper and magnet system which comes with a 2-year warranty.
It is compatible with all types of baby carriers.
Keep baby safe and comfortable, in all weather conditions.

Chic and stylish

It enables you to keep wearing your favourite coat and to remain stylish.
Removable hood
One size
Strip of natural serge for a dummy or teething ring attachment.
New prints available regularly!

Eco-friendly and durable

100% cotton elegant waterproof and strong cover 440/460 mm oekotex standard
very soft organic interior fabric lining 100% oekotex coton
Removable organic coton fleece lining fitted GOTS
Made in France by hand, in small batches, in a workshop in the South West of France
Made in France

Safe and useful

Compact, foldable and easily transportable As baby’s weight is fully supported by the baby carrier, the cocoon is totally safe for baby.
It can be fastened and unfastened quickly and the grippers do not damage coats or leave any marks.
Can be used on all occasions
The cocoon can be machine washed and naturally dried.

Bohmy FAQ

Is Bohmy suitable for all coats?
Yes, the cocoon is universal and can equally be fixed on coats and jackets fitted with buttons, zips, or any other fastening method. 
The fasteners consist of clips and magnets to prevent cold, wind or other stimuli from entering the coat or jacket.
How does one fix the cocoon?
  1. Place baby in the carrier or sling, as normal
  2. Put your coat or jacket on
  3. Position one of the upper clipper (right or left according to your choice) at the desired height. Baby must have at least the bottom of his neck covered.
  4. Remove your coat or jacket and lay it flat
  5. On the clipped fastener’s side, place the coat or jacket between the 2 strips, with the help of the 3 magnets.
  6. Clip the lower fastener on.
  7. Put your coat or jacket on
  8. Organise the other side: upper clip, the 3 magnets and lower clip.
  9. Adjust the hood, thanks to the cordon and stopper, in order to ensure baby’s complete safety.
  10. For all further fittings, you can omit stages 4 and 7, as you’ll already know at which height to position the extension.
Is the cocoon washable?

The cocoon is washable by hand or using your washing machine’s gentle programme. Please do not tumble dry. Dry naturally.

Is the cocoon waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof (440/460mm), thanks to the gabardine’s waxing

Until what age can the cocoon be used?

The cocoon can be used from birth until baby’s first active steps (approximately 18 months). As soon as toddlers start walking, they frequently want to climb up and down the sling or carrier. They will then need to wear a coat.

How much does the cocoon weigh?

Approximately 500g.

As there are magnets, can one use the cocoon with a pacemaker?

The magnets can indeed interfere with a pacemaker or a defibrillator. If you wear either, please remain at a safe distance from the magnets.

Please find here the information for safe use due to the presence of magnets

What should baby wear under the cocoon?

The cocoon enables baby to be in the physiological position in the sling or carrier, thus remaining nice and warm. Therefore, your child won’t need to be overdressed, but can either wear the same clothes as indoors if the weather is warm, or a thick woollen jumper or fleece, if it’s cold. Please note that the hood doesn’t replace a hat. It only protects the child from light, cold and noise when asleep. When walking into a warmer space with baby asleep, just open your coat or jacket, this will prevent wakening him.

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L’extension de manteau universelle pour les inconditionnels du portage.

Le cocon est l’extension unisexe qui s’adapte facilement à tous vos vêtements préférés pour porter bébé en toute sécurité et confort

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